Trailrun 85km | 1300m elevation

ITRA Points: 3

Friday 26th July 2024, 07:00

The route starts from Nuorgam towards the final destination of Utsjoki. It takes in the Alaköngäs museum road, then back along Tenojoki river towards Nuorgamintie and before rapidly ascending towards Kaldoaivin wilderness at at Njallavárri. 

55 kilometers of trailrunning through Kaldoaivi's unbroken wilderness offers a very special experience for competitors with tough climbs and rapid descents. Underfoot it is mostly sand, some stones and marshy lands with the route following an old ATV track.  

After the wilderness section of the route, competitors face a long and gruelling climb to the top of Isonkivenvaara. After these heights it's a steep 200 metres downhill to the finish at Nuorgam K-Market. There you'll find your finisher shirt and food, drinks and good company waiting for you. 

There are tre service points on the route: Njallivaara at 15km, Guorboaivi at around 48km and Pulmankijärvi 67km. You can collect drinking water on the route straight from streams and rivers. 

Competitors have a maximum of 15 hours to complete the race with the finish line closing at 22:00 Friday.

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KUT Trailrun 85km

85km/ +1300m