Compulsory equipment

x) Bicycle participants: bicycle helmet

Compulsory equipment in Trailrun 57km, 85km and MTB 57km, 85km & 130km: 

- Fully functioning mobile phone with fully charged battery 

- Space blanket

- Shell jacket (hydrostatic head at least 10.000)

- First aid kit

- Drinking bottle or drinking bag of capacity at least 750ml

- Mug

- Whistle

- Energy 1000 kcal

In addition provided by the organizer:

- Number badge


- reserve innertube and equipment

Recommended equipment:

- Salt tablets, magnesium

- Blister bandaids, athletic tape

- Toilet paper

- Shell pants

- Spare energy 

- Merinowool shirt

Mandatory equipment ROAD 200km:

- Wind vest, cyclist's wind jacket or rain vest, cyclist's Rain jacket

- A mini tool with the necessary tools for the first maintenance or adjustment of the bike

- A pump and at least one inner tube

- Mobile phone + organizer's number + (Recommended 112 application)

- Two drinking bottles or at least 1.2 liters of space for drinks

- Backup energy

- Primary care

- Competition number

- Red rear light, as well as a front light at dusk and in the dark. (According to the Road Traffic Act)

Compulsory equipment must be carried along the whole route.