MTB 130km:

There are three maintenance points on the route provided by the organizer. The maintenance points are GUORBOAIVI at 35 km, MIERASLOMPOLO at 72 km and SKALLUVAARA at 110 km. 

Closing times of the maintenance points – MTB (CUT OFF):
GUORBOAIVI Saturday at 11:00
MIERASLOMPOLO Saturday at 16:00
SKALLUVAARA Saturday at 20:30 

CUT OFF / leaving the maintenance points after the cut off time will cause the participant a failure in the contest.  

MTB 85km:

 Maintenance GUORBOAIVI 32km.

Trailrun 57km:

Maintenance  SKALLUVAARA 35km.

Maantiepyöräily 260km:


The maintenance points offer water, energy drinks, bananas, pickles, salt, crisps and chocolate.

Service points have weather protected service and fireplace.

Own maintenance: Participants of the trailrun series are allowed to provide their own care package at the starting point whereof it will be delivered to the maintenance point of 80 km by the organizer.

Use of an external caretaker is allowed only at the maintenance points.

The participants can leave a package of personal belongings at the starting point whereof it will be delivered to the finishing point in Utsjoki.