Service and maintenance points 

For trail runners, mountain bikers and road cyclists

Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail provides service and maintenance points that offer water, sports drinks, bananas, pickles, salt, crisps, and candy, including chocolate. The stops are covered so you are protected from the weather and they contain fireplaces so you can warm up and dry off. 

External assistance is allowed at pit stops. 

Please note that participants can leave a package of personal belongings at the start point, which will be delivered to the finishing point at Holiday Village Valle in Utsjoki. 

MTB 57km:

Service point: Skalluvaara at 39km.

MTB 85km:

Service points:

  • Njallavaara at 15km
  • Galddoainurki at 48km.

MTB 130km:

3 service points: 

  • Galddoainurki at 36km
  • Mieraslompolo at 76km 
  • Skalluvaara at 112km

Cut-off times of the service points on MTB 130km:

  • Saturday at 11:00: Galddoainurki
  • Saturday at 16:00: Mieraslompolo
  • Saturday at 20:30: Skalluvaara 

Leaving the service points after the cut-off times will cause the participant to be eliminated from the race.  

Trailrun 57km:

Service point: Skalluvaara at 39km

Trailrun 85km:

Service points: 

  • Njallavaara at 15km
  • Galddoainurki at 48km

Road 260km:

Service points:

  • Kaamanen at 93km 
  • Karigasniemi at 158km