Trailrun 57km /+650m

Saturday 29.7.2023

The route starts from Mieraslompolo from which competitors are climbing up an extremely rocky rover track until towards Kaldoaivi wilderness. During the varying route competitors pass magical landscapes with downy birches, both dry and swampy tracks, rocky grounds, three major water crossing along with the cultural scenery of Skalluvaara reindeer round-up area. At the ending of the route competitors are provided with magnificent views of snow-capped arctic hills in Norway.

The finishing line in in the resort village of Valle in Utsjoki. There you can recover from the race among relaxing sauna, delicious food and even beer, if you prefer!

During the route competitors pass only one maintenance point. Drinking water can be collected along the route straight from the nature.

KUT Trailrun 57km

57km/ +650m