Frequently asked questions

When will the Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail take place in 2024?

The next Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail will be held on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of July.

What is the Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail?

It is the world's most northerly ultra race for trail runners and mountain bikers. Since its beginnings, this demanding endurance competition has attracted over one thousand athletes to the wilderness area of Kaldoaivi in the very north of Finnish Lapland. 2024 marks the 6th time Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail has been organised.

Where can I sign up?

You can select your race and sign up here.

What was the first year of the Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail?

Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail was first held in 2018.

Who is the organiser of Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail?

Simo Kurko, from Nurmijärvi in Finland, is the founder of the Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail. He has a background in martial arts, crossfit, functional training and skiing. He competes in triathlon, mountain biking and trail running.

What's the story behind the competition?

The roots of the Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail go back to the summer of 2017, when Simo Kurko was on study leave from his day-job. He was studying sports coaching and pursuing a professional qualification as a group and adventure guide. The opportunity opened up for an internship, which is when he started to map out different places and opportunities. Simo was living in Vantaa at the time and he says that the first really interesting and exciting place he found was Nuorgam in Finnish Lapland. 

The first event was planned with the adventure company, Alma Arktika. After visiting the Kaldoaivi wilderness area several times he became convinced about how wonderful a place it was. Right from the start, he says, it was clear that the races would be long, challenging and grueling because the wilderness of Kaldoaivi offered just the right arena for it. Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail was piloted in the summer of 2017 when five mountain bikers took part in a 130km journey through the wilderness.

Simo's goal is to be the spearhead of sports and exercise events in Northern Lapland. He says that the off-road routes offer exceptional experiences. "You cross the largest open fells in the wilderness, go over waterways, through swamps and pass fairy-tale birch trees."

Read more thoughts from Simo Kurko in this short interview.

What's the shortest trail run and longest trail run? 

12km is the shortest trail run in 2024, while 85km is the longest. Many competitors take part in "The Double" which is 142km over two days. "The Double" comprises 85km on Friday and on Saturday 57km. 

You can find all the routes here.

What are the values of the competition?

Competition founder Simo Kurko says that the most important values ​​of Kaldoaivi Ultra Trail are respect for the unique natural environment, providing a top-class experience in nature, and ensuring that the event is safe. In the competition rules, it states that contestants may receive a time penalty or be disqualified if they leave litter behind.

What's the Kaldoaivi wilderness area like?

Kaldoaivi Finland's largest wilderness areas. The landscape of this roadless fell area varies from deep, steep river valleys to gentle fell slopes. The protected mires of Sammuttijänkä-Vaijoenjänkä are connected to the wilderness area on the southwestern side. The unbroken roadless wilderness does not end at the Finnish border, but continues to Norway over the border. Kaldoaivi is well suited for day excursions as well as treks lasting for several days. For an experienced hiker, the area is a rewarding place. But beginner are recommended to explore the area with a more experienced hiker.

Where can I find out more about Kaldoaivi wilderness area?

You can discover more from the website of Metsähallitus which manages the area. 

What are the accommodation options for participants? 

We have listed accommodation providers in Nuorgam and Utsjoki on our website and you can read more here. Most have information in English. 

Where do the events start and finish on Friday?

All races on Friday 26th July 2024 start and finish at K-Market Nuorgam. You can find the timetable and important addresses for the start and finish here.

Where do the events start and finish on Saturday?

There are different start places on Saturday 27th July. These include: K-Market Nuorgam; Holiday Village Valle (Lomakylä Valle) in Utsjoki; Mieraslompolo; and Skalluvaara. The finish line is at Holiday Village Valle. Timetable and important addresses for the start and finish are here.

How do competitiors get to their start line?

Details can be found on the timetable page, but in summary: 

  • MTB 130km, Saturday 27th July. Race starts from K-Market Nuorgam at 07:00. There is transportation to the race start. Competitors are collected at 5:25 from Holiday Village Valle in Utsjoki; and at 5:30 from Uulan Säästö in Utsjoki.
  • Trailrun 57km & MTB 57km, Saturday 27th July. MTB race starts from Mieraslompolo at 10:00 and trailrun starts from Mieraslompolo at 10:10. There is transportation to the race start. Competitors are collected at 8:00 from K-Market Nuorgam; at 8:40 from Holiday Village Valle in Utsjoki; and at 8:45 from Uulan Säästö in Utsjoki. 
  • Trailrun 18km, Saturday 27th July. Race starts from Mieraslompolo at 12:00. There is transportation to the race start. Competitors are collected at 10:50 from Holiday Village Valle in Utsjoki; and at 10:55 from Uulan Säästö in Utsjoki.

How do I register for transportation?

When you register for a race you have the option to book transportation. Register here.

Is there transportation from the finish line on Saturday?

The finish line on Saturday is at Holiday Village Valle in Utsjoki. The address is: Ellintie 25, 99980 Utsjoki. There is non-stop transportation to Nuorgam from Holiday Village Valle in Utsjoki on Saturday 27th July from 18:00 onwards. 

What are the addresses of important places?

  • K-Market Nuorgam: Nuorgamintie 4298, 99990 Nuorgam (map)
  • Holiday Village Valle: Ellintie 25, 99980 Utsjoki (map)
  • Uulan Säästö: Utsjoentie 1, 99980 Utsjoki (map)
  • Skalluvaara: Skalluvaarantie 852, 99980 Utsjoki (map)
  • Mieraslompolo: 99980 Utsjoki (map)

Do you have good advice for first-timers to participate safely?

Safety advice for participants includes a list of compulsory equipment and a reminder that all participants must have with them a mobile phone. Contestants must also check in at every service point. Please read the safety advice and ensure you are carrying the right equipment. For questions, contact