MTB 57km | 650m elevation

Saturday 27th July 2024, 10:00

The mountain bike race starts from Mieraslompolo and from there competitors climb an extremely rocky track until reaching the Kaldoaivi wilderness, which lasts for over 50km. 

The route is varied. It passes through magical landscapes with moor birches, dry and swampy tracks, rocky grounds, three major water crossings and the culturally and socially important scenery of the Skalluvaara reindeer round-up area

At the end of the route competitors are provided with magnificent views of snow-capped arctic hills in Norway.

The finishing line in in the holiday village of Valle in Utsjoki. There you can recover from the race with a relaxing sauna, delicious food and even beer, if you prefer!

During the route competitors pass one service point 39km into the race at Skalluvaara (map). You can collect drinking water on the route straight from streams and rivers. Finland has some of the cleanest water in the world! 

Competitors have a maximum of 14 hours to complete the race.

Transportation to start on race day

  • 8:00 Nuorgam K-Market (map)

  • 8:40 Holiday Village Valle (map)

  • 8:45 Utsjoki Uulan Säästö (map)

View the 2024 timetable here

KUT MTB 57km

57km/ +650m