Rules of the contest

The contestant may be disqualified or receive a time penalty for some of the following reason: 

Littering (contestant collects all of the trash left behind from the nature)

Unsportsmanlike behavior 

Use of an external caretaker elsewhere than at the maintenance points 

Failure in helping another contestant

Missing compulsory equipment

Departing from the route or taking a shortcut 

Failure in checking in at every maintenance point 

Closing of the deadline / CUT OFF

Finishing line closes on Saturday at 23:59:59

Closing times of the maintenance points – trailrun (CUT OFF):

GUORBOAIVI  Saturday at 02:30
MIERASLOMPOLO Saturday at 12:30
SKALLUVAARA Saturday at 19:30

Closing times of the maintenance points – MTB (CUT OFF):

GUORBOAIVI Saturday at 11:00
MIERASLOMPOLO Saturday at 16:00
SKALLUVAARA Saturday at 20:30 

The competitor's evacuation liability is 100 euros if a competitor needs to be evacuated from the wilderness.