Information for competitors:

  • Pay special attention when crossing water. The rocks are very slippery and the flow may be intense in some parts. 
  • Some routes partly follow public roads, during which the road traffic act must be complied with. The organiser will provide relevant warning signs on such sections. Traffic controllers might be used at some of the intersections. 
  • There are many technical parts along many of the routes and especially stones and rocks might be very slippery. Be extra cautious, especially on high-speed descents.

Bear in mind:

Some typical afflictions during a long race are abrasions and blisters, dehydration, exhaustion due to running out of energy and injuries as a result of falling.

In wet, cold and windy conditions the risk of hypothermia increases. You must be prepared to help yourself along the route. To mitigate the risks, we have published a list of compulsory equipment. All contestants are obliged to stop to help a fellow contestant in need of help. 

Everyone should carry a mobile phone, so that you are able to call for help for either yourself or another contestant if necessary. 

Contestants must check in at every service point.

If you end up in dropping out of the contest, get to the nearest service point from where you will be transported back to the contest centre. Remember to let the personnel of the service point know if you are intending to drop out. 

Should there be a severe accident you should immediately call the general public emergency number 112. You are able to accurately locate yourself using the information from the milestones along the route. 

A safety quad will follow behind the contestants to keep track of them. 

The organisers have an insurance that covers only for their own activity. All contestants take part in the contest at their own risk and are responsible for their own insurance coverage.  

Event timing is digitally managed.

The competitor's evacuation liability is 100 euros if they need to be evacuated from the wilderness. Pick up from the wilderness can take several hours.